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Nutrient Credits

We buy, sell and make Nutrient Credits including Phosphorus Credits and Nitrogen Credits.  For sites in Cornwall, Hampshire, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire and beyond. 

Nutrient Credits are sometimes required where a project is considered to place a nutrient load on a sensitive receptor such as a nature reserve of conservation area. You can potentially purchase Nutrient Credits from within the same river catchment, in order to offset the proposed additional load.

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Approved Schemes

We have several approved Credits Schemes in operation across the UK. We are looking to expand these schemes across the UK, and welcome enquiries from anyone looking to develope a scheme.


We have over 30kg of Credits Available in Cornwall for site in the River Camel SAC Catchment.


Some parts of Devon drain to the Parrett Catchment. We have schemes in place here and are ready to provide Credits.


We have numerous live scheme in Somerset that have Phosphorous Credits Ready to sell. At present we have schemes in place for the River Tone, and the River Parret, and we are looking to develope schemes in the River Brue Catchment.

Call for Schemes

There are various ways that nutrient credit schemes can be implemented. These include Septic Tank Upgrades, Combined Sewer Modification, Agricultural or Industrial Source Removal.

How it Works

Below is approximate process:

  1. Companies, People or other Legal Entities may wish to purchase Nutrient Credits in order to progress a project in a sensitive catchment. 
  2. They contact us to see if we can provide nutrient credits (such as phosphorous credits) for their project. 
  3. We advise on suitability, costs and delivery times.  A contract is prepared following receipt of order. 
  4. Deposit is paid and a "Deed of Allocation is Issued"
  5. Depending on planning authority you will then be allowed to start building. 
  6. Prior to occupation of the development you will pay the remaining balance as stipulated in contract. 
  7. If you are a landowner, and you are thinking of creating phosphate credits, then please get in touch.


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